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Softbox Chimera

TWO Photoflex Litedome Q39 Large Softboxes + Chimera 3/4 CTO Panel


Chimera Super SoftBox with Speedring  31" x 23" light panel


Chimera Super Pro Plus Softbox, Silver Interior for Flash Only - Small


Chimera Shallow Super Pro Plus M Soft Box Medium


Chimera Super Pro Plus S SoftBox


Chimera M Super S SoftBox


Chimera Shallow Video Plus Softbox Silver Interior Medium 36x48x16


Chimera #4821 - 1/2 Blue Color Correction Diffusion for Small softboxes - New


Chimera Video Pro Plus XS Softbox


Chimera Small S Super Softbox -- Silver Lining [email protected]@K!!!


Chimera Super Pro Plus SS SoftBox with ICONCEPT speed ring


Chimera 20/60 fabric grid for 24"x32" "Small" softbox


Chimera Video Pro XS Softbox


Chimera IISS soft box - 60 day warranty


Chimera 40 Degree Fabric Grid Set for the Medium Sized Soft Boxes. #3530


Chimera Daylite Plus Softbox Small model 8625 With 3 Screens, baffle


Chimera Super Pro Plus Shallow Bank Softbox #1235


Chimera Small-Medium Softbox ( Narrow )


Chimera Fabric Grid for Chimera Extra Small Softbox - 30 Degrees (16x22")


Chimera Shallow Video Plus Softbox Silver Interior Small 24x32x13 in (60x80x33c


Genuine Chimera Round soft box ROTATING speed ring For Dynalite 4”


Ikan Soft Box for ID 500 LED Head, by Chimera, 9x15"x5 " #CH1457


Chimera Video Pro Plus Small Softbox 24 x 32" (Open Box)


Speedotron Chimera Soft Box Rotating Speed Ring W/ Collar Used VGC Strobe Studio


Chimera 40 Degrees Fabric Grid for Large 54 x 72" Chimera softbox


Chimera Speed Ring Rotating for Speedotron Soft Box Strobe VGC Speedring Softbox


Chimera Speed Ring for Broncolor Flashman Pulso Primo Light Bank Softbox


Chimera Video Pro Triolet Kit with Small Softbox Spare lamp Stand and case


Chimera Softbox for Rotolight NEO LED Light #1641


22 x 32 INCH CHIMERA adjustable soft box


Chimera Triolet Flood Photo Light w/ Speed Ring and Softbox (pickup only)


Chimera Video Pro Softbox XS Only w/ diffuser cloth, 1 velcro burnt


Teenie mole richardson 600w Kit with speedrings,Chimera X-small softboxes, grids


Chimera 15" x 18" Full Diffusion Cloth XS for SoftBox


Chimera Micro Softbox for Anton Bauer Ultralight2


Anton Bauer Ultralight 2 UL2 -Diffuser Dichroic Daylight Filters CHIMERA Softbox


Anton Bauer Ultralight 2 UL-Soft Box Chimera


Chimera 8124 Video Pro Plus 1 Softbox - Small SKU#1141916


Chimera Honeycomb Grid for Chimera small softbox 30 Degrees MFR # 3460


Chimera Super Pro Plus Softbox - SKU#1088045


Chimera Shallow Video Pro Plus 1 Large Softbox - SKU#1077147